29 December 2015

Wonderful Creed of Ours

Well now i'm going to write another sensitive post which of course about Abrahamic Beliefs. But this post will be about Islamic dogma i understood for i had been taught in this specific scope that way for perhaps about more than 10 years. And now i discovered this creed from another point of view and unfortunately found a peculiar uniformity which only led me into a deeper hesitation on religion.

So, this post is about the Bible, seen from the view of Islam. And there might be some Christian who is unable to understand or take this point of view. Please don't get offended, it's just some speculation popping in my head as someone who had been taught Islam and get a little lost on its fundamental theology.

21 December 2015

Irrevocably Stupid

Well i don't fucking know how many exact times i had talked about it to i neither know exactly how many bunches of complex living organisms, i mean the whole complex organisms that live and organisms with specific complex lives and complex organisms that live particular complex lives, whom had conversed upon me regarding the sort of comprehensions or complexities or made-up complexities below.

05 December 2015

Eternal Riddle

We all know that abrahamic religions told us that Adam and Eve ate a forbidden fruit in heaven as the reason of why we are living in this world instead of heaven. Al-Qur'an called that fruit as "Khuldi" and The Bible mentioned that fruit as an apple. No matter what this fruit really is and regarding the physical condition of this thing, some experts have analyzed that this thing probably has a truth behind what it called.

14 November 2015

Insatiable Thirst

Just so you know that at some point i had lost the goal of my life. I mean like really, i questioned why the fuck am i here? And i didn't get the answer. Even if i have it now, but it's still a little unacceptable for it seems like life can do much more than what i'm after.

So that one time, my friend asked some questions and i gave my answers, poor answers.
"Why you entered university?" "to get a job"
"What for?" "money"
"For?" "survive"
"What's so bad about death?" "not living?"
"What's the exact thing that we should be afraid of not living?" "probably hell or heaven"
"If they did exist, and if they do not?" "..."

01 November 2015

Long List

Don't read this if you're not that kind of open-minded person. I assure that it will offend you. So close the god damn tab if you were my mom.

Why did God give human intelligence? Why did God want us to worship him? Why did God make hell and heaven? Why did God create human?

25 October 2015

Sesi Suudzon

Halo semua.

Gua punya beberapa pandangan yang mau gua bagi sekarang walaupun sifatnya opini dan gaada kuat2nya.

Jadi gini, gua mau membahas soal isu yang lagi digembor-gemborin media soal bencana kebakaran hutan. Kayanya semua juga udah tau yah kondisinya gimana, dan kebetulan gua punya temen yang tinggal di Riau. Isu kabut asep ini udah sempet meledak juga kan sekitar 1-2 tahun yang lalu iya nggak? Dan waktu itu gua telpon temen gua yang di Riau dan nanya soal keadaan disana.

Ya, emang bener ada kabut asep dan emang keadaannya parah.

Tapi ternyata...

18 October 2015

Nuff Said Bitch

Still hoping that someday wouldn't be about.
A simplest source of light that means a lot.
For many of us have forgotten.
That even the strongest man lives forever not.

No admittance of being in the state of riding emotions.
While shoving conceit as a new solution.
For many of us have forgotten.
That ignorance need no permission.

Knowing too much drives into confusion.
So don't got left in an endless road of illusions.
For many of us have forgotten.
That every answer has its question.

Wandering a life of infinite remedy.
Denial of living on the edge of sanity.
For many of us have forgotten.
That pride is a little less of vanity.

Stop staring at sunlight of a new dawn.
The blister that will not be back drawn.
For many of us have forgotten.
That the widest trunk always started from the ground.

We don't know how much we hate this.
Having too many thoughts instead of fists.
For many of us have forgotten.
That we had insufficient persist.

I do know what i did.
That made everything else looks like a bit.
For i have forgotten.
That regret is a piece of shit.

04 October 2015

Another Nonsense

It's very strange that one day i thought about the quality of relationship. I'm talking about human relationship, the whole of it, not only that lovers shithole stuff. Well before we get into it, let's get our perceptions stand on the same line first.

Quality, funny when you found out that every word doesn't always have the same meaning to everyone. Quality, it's about goodness, it's always about condition, mostly making some sort of rank regarding the condition of something, right? What is the word 'quality' means to you?

24 September 2015

Paradigm Shift

Okay this might be one of the most frightening thoughts i've ever had. And plenty of people out there will get tired of reading it and leave it once they got bored of my writings before they even far from finish. You won't ever get a shit unless you finished it, trust me.

So i've been thinking about it for the last 2 days, and it's bombarding my head since the first time it passed through. THIS POST CONTAINS SENSITIVE MATTERS, and i swear God i'm not joking when i wrote that. And please, pardon me for giving some perspective that some might not understand, but i will try to write it as less offensive as i could, and as understandable for everyone as possible since the perspective is not for everybody.

19 August 2015

Shapeless Mind

So let's just get straight to the point instead of finding good intros to start first.

I met some new extraordinarily smart friends to discuss anything about, and i feel like it's such a waste if i don't share any of our discussions out of our table.

So we mostly talked about God, once again, God. A little bit sensitive but i don't think i want to share that part here since i have another more interesting side to share. We actually haven't talked about it at particular but i figured it out after detailing the bottom line from the topics we had analyzed.

It is connected with the title, yes this time i'm making a post that actually is connected to the title, and i feel a little bit proud of it.

Even just for one time, i will finally write something that defines the god damn title, hell yes i'm so happy for it.

05 August 2015

Kerupuk Amplang Samarinda

Halo semua apa kabar? Deni baik Alhamdulillah.

Mungkin beberapa bertanya tanya kenapa gua pake bahasa Indonesia sekarang, jadi begini ceritanya. Gua lagi nyari2 temen gua yang masih blogging gitu, terus gua nemu nih blog setan punya temen gua http://dodyhari.blogspot.com/ dan gua baca post tentang dia di frenjonin orang. Dan anehnya setelah gua baca itu gua teringat hari2 goblok gua di masa lalu, dan dari situlah tumbuh hasrat buat curhat kaya abg baru mimpi basah. Sebenernya post2 gua sebelomnya yang berbahasa google translate juga isinya curhatan doang, tapi kayanya kalo pake bahasa Indonesia maksud yang ingin diutarakan lebih mudah dicapai dan sederhananya minta ampun tapi hasilnya luar biasa gaada gunanya.

21 July 2015

Utter Nonsense

I'm actually exhausted of discussing the questions in my head, i always found what a dumb creature i am every time i was being inquisitive then dug the questions in my head deeper and got those questions were just the simple branches of another more complex questions i haven't ever thought about when i planned them out to get answered by someone whom i know has or probably has the answers afterward, or at least just to share it with other folks, or just to write them out, but i keep doing those in spite to discover whether or not someone knew the answers since i don't know who to ask. Trust me, knowing that you know nothing is the worst place you could ever be in. But i think that is the most interesting part of driving questions into topics, i could either stumble upon someone who knows the answers, or at worst, share my confusions with others.

17 July 2015

The Turd of Ours

Hey i just met you
And this is crazy
I'm fucking horny
So lay me maybe

It's hard to own like
Huge fat booby
But here's my pussy
So eat me baby

Ladies and Gentlemen, how the fuck are y'all doin'?

03 July 2015

Science of God

I was sitting on the balcony yesterday when i looked up to might be the clearest sky i've seen lately.

I don't know why i talked a lot about sky or universe or some related shit, i just found many thoughts when i looked up to the night sky.

The sky was so clear yesterday, the full moon shined so bright, and i also saw something i have never seen before. It looked like Venus but it was too bright and way too big to be it, for God's sake it was really beautiful. And the newspaper said that was the result of overlapping Jupiter and Venus which were on the same line from the place i was standing, i feel so lucky.

02 June 2015

Natural Superficiality

Admit it, none of you would think about having dissatisfaction when this trending, developing, and accelerating scientific dream gone real, Artificial Intelligence.

Yes there are many pros and cons about this. Of course the world is a lot more easier place to live in when machines and computers literally done every single piece of thing that should be done, no risk to be faced, sweat producing is unnecessarily needed, rich people think that way. And at the opposite, they think of what should they do when cyber terrestrials took everything in which they usually do, they have no idea how to survive at the world where human labors is no longer to be used. More or less that is the way it is, human kind should decide either to enter a brave new world and leave humanity behind or holding each other's hands and keep doing what they have always done while waiting for the dying planet Earth to die with effortless act to discover or create a new place to come home to. Everything needs sacrifice.

And i, as the representative of AI, have my own point of view about this, and i think i have another thing to talk about.

20 May 2015

Confidential File

Hello everyone.

Wait, a friend of mine told me to use paragraph mark on my posts so i guess it's a good time to start using one.



10 May 2015

Not the proper time for fun stuff

I'm feeling so blue right now and it's raining outside.

I'm feeling so cold even though i'm sheltering beneath a warm roof and surrounded by thick walls.


Perhaps that's why.

I don't need to ask you all these questions because i don't think it's necessary and i knew all the answers. I know that you have plenty of remorse about a lot of things you've done, i know that you have been regretfully lamenting all the irreversible mistakes in your past, and i know that you had taken some wrong turns in some occasional time in your life then asked how could you be that moron. But as always, in the end you will realize that anyone has got nothing to do with our past.

Let me tell you what kind of person i am when dealing with this sort of topic we're having.

02 May 2015

I'm so fucking serious right now

Take a look at the ceiling if you were in any sort of shelter, for those who were outside, take a look at the sky. Now take a look at the ground where you step your feet on. You think you know where you are right? You are absolutely sure of where you're on, but everything isn't like what it seems.

Now can you tell me where your exact position is? You think that you're stepping your feet on permanent ground. Now do you know how massive our universe is? I don't think i need to fucking tell you this but have you ever thought about the odd system of the universe? And do you know the different between solar system and galaxy? I know that was a stupid question but i find that common knowledge has commonly misunderstood.

24 April 2015

The price is not that far

I should have not done that, i know that i should have not done that.

Are you all also thinking about what i have been thinking lately? I just realized it, i wonder how could i have never thought about that basic simple thought.

I just found out that it's easier to build than to tear up what we've built. It's easier to purchase than to sell what we've bought. It's easier to produce than to make what we've produced be disentangled. It's easier to enter, than to leave.

23 March 2015


I was laying alone on the balcony, stargazing the night sky when the brightest star on the horizon suddenly disappeared. I couldn't notice any presence of cloud that time, the other stars are still there but the brightest one just disappeared and i didn't know where it went. I didn't really know what was the name of that star but i hope that was the mighty Sirius, i was so sure that was Sirius. But what happened next is something as impossible as that moment when i suddenly transported into the front gate of hell, the brightest star came back, and it turned much brighter and bigger than before. That star was getting bigger and bigger, and i just get fascinated of that probably one of the rarest beautiful event a human can witness merely with naked eyes. I didn't blink that moment for a pretty long period as when i see that star transformed into a colossal shining ball. But then i knew that that star wasn't getting bigger or brighter, it was moving closer. At that point, the only possibility i could think about is the first act of giant chain reactions of doomsday.

16 March 2015


Now i'm about to continue my journey on Inferno, for those who hasn't read the previous post, i suggest you not to.

"Why you don't want to take us across my old friend?" "because i'm enough with my shits and i don't think i have enough space for other people's Virgil, and we've never been a friend" seems like there ain't no way, this son of bitch will never change his mind. Then i take Bob to talk "hey the fuck Bob? Where is your magic trick?" "what?" "you usually bring something to bribe those bitches and now what? You'll keep asking for a thousand times just to hear a thousand nos? Come on Bob, i know that you have shit for that bitch, just please stop wasting our time" "no i don't have anything" "oh Bob come on i can no longer take that Phlegyas' handsome face, i'm sick of it, i want to kiss him, i might turn gay if you don't hurry" "no really Dante i don't have anything to please him, i don't know anything about this guy and no one really knows unless God himself" "oh you serious Bob?" "well yes i am" "then how we cross? Is there any other way than using that son of a bitch's 'ferry'?" "i don't know how and i don't think there is other way, i think swimming probably worth a shot" "oh really swimming? Oh my god, i will think how to please this Phlegyas. So we should take this guy's skiff to reach the other side of the river, but to me he seems like won't change his mind in any way we're going to try, right Bob?" "no i will just give him a bar of chocolate like the last time i went here" "SAID YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO BRIBE HIM MOTHERFUCKER" "yes i said that i don't have anything, but i didn't say that i don't have chocolate" "WHAT THE FUCK BOB I'M AFRAID THAT I SHOULD SWIM ACROSS" "why so serious?" "FUUUUUUCCCCCKKK YOU GOT ME BOB FUCK YOU" i cried. So we come back to Phlegyas and do some light talks before we give him the chocolate.

23 February 2015



Yo sup bitches, i'm dat muthafuckin' Dante of da 21st century. Now i'm gonna re write my muthafuckin' holy scriptures on dis muthafuckin' technology of da 21st century. As yo guys have known, Divina Comedia divided into 3 muthafuckin' parts, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Now i'm gonna write da Inferno yo, but dis is 21st century, so i'm gonna write dis Inferno da other way, not in poem or epic form, i will just type it without cantos yo, also in da language of today's generation would understand. And i use English coz i'm not sure if today's generation would understand da muthafuckin' Tuscan. So bitches please pay attention to da muthafuckin' text.

07 February 2015

No need caption

Now i'm going to write something about my life.

Uninspiring one and usually plain, commonly done and lots went in vain. I'm a man standing like a light of a candle, did so much dancing and plenty of denial. I don't know why i'm going to write these, while i still feel like stumbling between mist. One day i saw an old lady rubbing her hair on a rocking chair, i got jealous to her smile which came every once in a while. I don't know why can't i be happy like that, probably because my kind is quite bad. These simple stupid pointless shitty rhymes have fucking gone pretty bad undone, so shut the fuck up cause my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns.

The hell is that?

The hell happened?


03 February 2015

Ice cream is also fine

I completely aware of everything's existences around me. I know that i've been surrounded by plenty of other colossal things for my whole life. I know that there are a lot of things which were able to crush me to the bones only in a split second. But i do nothing to those and i keep staying on this comfort zone without doing any meaningful effort to join those big leagues, i just keep disappointing people, i'm still waiting for miracle to happen and i'm sick of it but i can't do anything. I just don't really know where i am, and i still don't know where to go.

I've been walking down the tunnel for my entire life and after all these years i still haven't seen the light at the end of it, even i haven't seen the end of the tunnel either. I don't know how long i should shamble through this tunnel. I don't know where this tunnel will lead me to. I don't know what kind of long road should i pass through in front of me. This tunnel is much darker than any human has ever imagine. I don't know where to go.

30 January 2015

Suicide note

Good evening everyone, tonight i'm going to be more serious than usual, i want to share some problems of mine because i can't keep it on my own. I don't ask for solution, i just need someone to hear my thoughts, but that is also one of my problem, no one wants to hear me, and if there someone who is, they usually not truly listening. So i will just write it down here, at least i can release the problems inside me so there will be someone who knows what is happening.

I don't usually share my private life to everyone so i don't really know how to start it.

Okay i can do it, but i beg your pardon if there would be any kind of disturbing word you don't like, i'm not really good at picking words, yeah you know that i barely speak to people so, i'm sorry.

It all started approximately 4 and a quarter years ago.

26 January 2015

Has not been given a title yet

I'm not really sure how to start it.

I just hate to not be able to do anything to change something i can't stand, and at this point, i'm as brittle as a baby, baby Hercules. Nah fuck that i just don't know what to do and i really want to write after seeing the statistics' difference of yesterday's views against today's. I got 118 yesterday and guess how many views i've got now? 5....

5 ya bitches 5

Yeah even if i no longer intensively write things on this blog but the difference of the amount annoyed me more than it should, i mean how the fuck could this such kind of thing happen? But i'm trying to be as positive as a test pack, i'm seeing things from whole different way, i'm trying to look at the good side of things. The way to be positive on this case is, i probably living in a well-appreciated society right now, i hope i am. And if i do live in one, of course it's about the good people around me, i thank you very much guys, hope you all read this till the end of this post, trust me you won't regret the time you waste on reading pointless shit i will write.

Just keep scrolling.

Trust me.

25 January 2015


Hello bastards, i know it has been a long time since the last time posted on this shit, i just want you to know that i'm still alive and i still remember the password of this shit. Yeah i know it's pretty sad to remember that it has been a pretty long time since the last time i posted on this shit, i just want you to know that i'm still alive and i still remember the password of this shit. And then i will tell you how sad i recall the last time i posted on this shit, i just want you to know that i'm still alive and i still remember the password of this shit. And so on.

I've started to loose the hell of writing world and i feel pretty bad, i'm not even sure that there would be someone who is going to laugh when they read my recent writings like me myself when i read my old posts until this very second. Yes i know that i have lost my ability to entertain through this media because yeah it has been a pretty long time.