23 March 2015


I was laying alone on the balcony, stargazing the night sky when the brightest star on the horizon suddenly disappeared. I couldn't notice any presence of cloud that time, the other stars are still there but the brightest one just disappeared and i didn't know where it went. I didn't really know what was the name of that star but i hope that was the mighty Sirius, i was so sure that was Sirius. But what happened next is something as impossible as that moment when i suddenly transported into the front gate of hell, the brightest star came back, and it turned much brighter and bigger than before. That star was getting bigger and bigger, and i just get fascinated of that probably one of the rarest beautiful event a human can witness merely with naked eyes. I didn't blink that moment for a pretty long period as when i see that star transformed into a colossal shining ball. But then i knew that that star wasn't getting bigger or brighter, it was moving closer. At that point, the only possibility i could think about is the first act of giant chain reactions of doomsday.

16 March 2015


Now i'm about to continue my journey on Inferno, for those who hasn't read the previous post, i suggest you not to.

"Why you don't want to take us across my old friend?" "because i'm enough with my shits and i don't think i have enough space for other people's Virgil, and we've never been a friend" seems like there ain't no way, this son of bitch will never change his mind. Then i take Bob to talk "hey the fuck Bob? Where is your magic trick?" "what?" "you usually bring something to bribe those bitches and now what? You'll keep asking for a thousand times just to hear a thousand nos? Come on Bob, i know that you have shit for that bitch, just please stop wasting our time" "no i don't have anything" "oh Bob come on i can no longer take that Phlegyas' handsome face, i'm sick of it, i want to kiss him, i might turn gay if you don't hurry" "no really Dante i don't have anything to please him, i don't know anything about this guy and no one really knows unless God himself" "oh you serious Bob?" "well yes i am" "then how we cross? Is there any other way than using that son of a bitch's 'ferry'?" "i don't know how and i don't think there is other way, i think swimming probably worth a shot" "oh really swimming? Oh my god, i will think how to please this Phlegyas. So we should take this guy's skiff to reach the other side of the river, but to me he seems like won't change his mind in any way we're going to try, right Bob?" "no i will just give him a bar of chocolate like the last time i went here" "SAID YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO BRIBE HIM MOTHERFUCKER" "yes i said that i don't have anything, but i didn't say that i don't have chocolate" "WHAT THE FUCK BOB I'M AFRAID THAT I SHOULD SWIM ACROSS" "why so serious?" "FUUUUUUCCCCCKKK YOU GOT ME BOB FUCK YOU" i cried. So we come back to Phlegyas and do some light talks before we give him the chocolate.