20 May 2015

Confidential File

Hello everyone.

Wait, a friend of mine told me to use paragraph mark on my posts so i guess it's a good time to start using one.



10 May 2015

Not the proper time for fun stuff

I'm feeling so blue right now and it's raining outside.

I'm feeling so cold even though i'm sheltering beneath a warm roof and surrounded by thick walls.


Perhaps that's why.

I don't need to ask you all these questions because i don't think it's necessary and i knew all the answers. I know that you have plenty of remorse about a lot of things you've done, i know that you have been regretfully lamenting all the irreversible mistakes in your past, and i know that you had taken some wrong turns in some occasional time in your life then asked how could you be that moron. But as always, in the end you will realize that anyone has got nothing to do with our past.

Let me tell you what kind of person i am when dealing with this sort of topic we're having.

02 May 2015

I'm so fucking serious right now

Take a look at the ceiling if you were in any sort of shelter, for those who were outside, take a look at the sky. Now take a look at the ground where you step your feet on. You think you know where you are right? You are absolutely sure of where you're on, but everything isn't like what it seems.

Now can you tell me where your exact position is? You think that you're stepping your feet on permanent ground. Now do you know how massive our universe is? I don't think i need to fucking tell you this but have you ever thought about the odd system of the universe? And do you know the different between solar system and galaxy? I know that was a stupid question but i find that common knowledge has commonly misunderstood.