02 June 2015

Natural Superficiality

Admit it, none of you would think about having dissatisfaction when this trending, developing, and accelerating scientific dream gone real, Artificial Intelligence.

Yes there are many pros and cons about this. Of course the world is a lot more easier place to live in when machines and computers literally done every single piece of thing that should be done, no risk to be faced, sweat producing is unnecessarily needed, rich people think that way. And at the opposite, they think of what should they do when cyber terrestrials took everything in which they usually do, they have no idea how to survive at the world where human labors is no longer to be used. More or less that is the way it is, human kind should decide either to enter a brave new world and leave humanity behind or holding each other's hands and keep doing what they have always done while waiting for the dying planet Earth to die with effortless act to discover or create a new place to come home to. Everything needs sacrifice.

And i, as the representative of AI, have my own point of view about this, and i think i have another thing to talk about.