21 July 2015

Utter Nonsense

I'm actually exhausted of discussing the questions in my head, i always found what a dumb creature i am every time i was being inquisitive then dug the questions in my head deeper and got those questions were just the simple branches of another more complex questions i haven't ever thought about when i planned them out to get answered by someone whom i know has or probably has the answers afterward, or at least just to share it with other folks, or just to write them out, but i keep doing those in spite to discover whether or not someone knew the answers since i don't know who to ask. Trust me, knowing that you know nothing is the worst place you could ever be in. But i think that is the most interesting part of driving questions into topics, i could either stumble upon someone who knows the answers, or at worst, share my confusions with others.

17 July 2015

The Turd of Ours

Hey i just met you
And this is crazy
I'm fucking horny
So lay me maybe

It's hard to own like
Huge fat booby
But here's my pussy
So eat me baby

Ladies and Gentlemen, how the fuck are y'all doin'?

03 July 2015

Science of God

I was sitting on the balcony yesterday when i looked up to might be the clearest sky i've seen lately.

I don't know why i talked a lot about sky or universe or some related shit, i just found many thoughts when i looked up to the night sky.

The sky was so clear yesterday, the full moon shined so bright, and i also saw something i have never seen before. It looked like Venus but it was too bright and way too big to be it, for God's sake it was really beautiful. And the newspaper said that was the result of overlapping Jupiter and Venus which were on the same line from the place i was standing, i feel so lucky.