24 September 2015

Paradigm Shift

Okay this might be one of the most frightening thoughts i've ever had. And plenty of people out there will get tired of reading it and leave it once they got bored of my writings before they even far from finish. You won't ever get a shit unless you finished it, trust me.

So i've been thinking about it for the last 2 days, and it's bombarding my head since the first time it passed through. THIS POST CONTAINS SENSITIVE MATTERS, and i swear God i'm not joking when i wrote that. And please, pardon me for giving some perspective that some might not understand, but i will try to write it as less offensive as i could, and as understandable for everyone as possible since the perspective is not for everybody.

So, i had discussed it with some of my friends, and to be honest, i'm a donkey. I can instantly forget what someone said 3 minutes ago, and now i have forgotten what my friend said upon this topics i had given to him. So sorry bout that bud, my capacity is less than a grasshopper shit.

So this is gonna be a little silly for i have summarized it on my own, but i still get frightened of it.

Now, you all know the relativity of right and wrong, don't you? Read my previous post if you don't know yet. So, who decided which one is right or which one is wrong? Who set the range whether something is right until something is considerably wrong? I mean like, why is killing people wrong? Where do human's rights come from? And yes i had given my opinion about that either on my previous post. I said that right and wrong are the result of religion movements, and let me give a little extra note about that.

What i mean about right and wrong from my previous post is the template of right and wrong themselves, i mean how dynamic right and wrong is, how something decided as right and how another thing decided as wrong, how tentative those concepts are, i mean like something wrong could turn into something right by one thing or another and the otherwise.

Wrong and right are consensus, and it will always applied until something show up and prove that they're not. And prove is not the only way to flip everything backward, once again, wrong or right are consensus.

So, we're basically living amid the law of "tyranny of majority".

Now look around you, religion is the greatest consensus ever existed, religion is the paradigm for the consensus, right? I don't think i need to give my opinion on why religion is the paradigm in this scope because this post will turned into a newspaper if i do so and i think you have your own great big line of essential for that.

So that's the extra note, and it is connected to the topic, the thought, the horror (for me) i'm going to write now.

So the chain started at the literature lecture. I can't recall how, but we, the lecturer and the whole class, were clarifying what literature is, but somehow at a moment the lecturer said that ANY holy scripture from any religion is not included into literature work. Then i asked why, she said "because holy scriptures have no author, it's up to you to believe in them or not, but society believes that they came directly from God". Then the class rolled for a few moment then i asked her again "what about The Bible?" wait, please correct me if i had any misunderstanding about everything i wrote here, and this one too, if it is not so. So i asked her "what about The Bible? Isn't The Bible written by the Apostles? Like for example, Matthias wrote his part about Jesus as the disciple of  Jesus?". Then the lecturer's answer was unsatisfying, she said that "yes Matthias wrote his part, but God helped the process of the writing itself, God helped the Apostles to remember what they have gone through". Then i turned like "reminder? What the actual fuck..." but i stopped there for i have paid attention that her intonation turned higher and i'm not stupid enough to make she mad at me for it might affect my score and my future.

So the lecture keep going and thank God a classmate asked the lecture again about that unfinished topic as the lecturer only gave an unsatisfying answer. So my classmate asked "sorry, but i still don't get why you said that any holy scripture from any religion is not included into literature work, yet The Vedas included into ancient literature" THEN I WAS LIKE THANK GOD, I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE CRAZY ENOUGH TO KILL HER FUTURE BY ONE QUESTION IN MY CLASS, THANK YOU GOD, VERY VERY MUCH. But the lecturer had the answer in her pocket, she said that "it takes many aspects, one of it is in historical, do you even know how The Vedas got written? The Ramayana, for example, was only a story back then, they were only some kind of theatrical show before the story got written by someone. Just like the ancient Roman Empire who worshiped Gods and Goddesses, they ain't came to watch the theater for entertainment, it was as equal as going to the church or mosque nowadays". Then bla bla bla the 3 hours class passed.

Now you know that Roman Empire also had a period as a Catholic empire after they embraced the Greek Mythology right?

Did you notice that?

The transformation?

Such a big transformation?

Of paradigm?

I don't know how strong was the influence of the emperor that time, but it was absolutely great enough to carry the whole empire into such a great change. I mean like wow, the whole empire prayed to another God they had prayed to for centuries.

It was a massive shift, the whole previous paradigms got replaced by a new one. They left their Gods and Goddesses for their new God. What once was right instantly turned into something wrong. Wow, i still can't believe such a huge conversion is existed.

Then i wondered what happened with Islam who has the exact same position as when Catholic replaced the old Roman Empire's religion?

I have no answer for that question, i don't know which, because Islam wasn't strong enough that time or Catholic was too strong, or probably because both were equally strong. And in my opinion, i prefer to pick the last option.

So i prefer to think that both Catholic and Islam were equally strong the moment Islam touched down so none get replaced and instead both growing feet altogether. Probably because the two were having too many resemblances, especially on historical period for both are Abrahamic religions. So both Islam and catholic keep refusing to hear what each other had said. For the older one think that "we were here first" and the other one ironically justify the other's earlier existence like "yes you were there first, but God gave human correction on the gospel" and that's an infinite loop.

So there was no shifting paradigm, Catholic still exist, Catholic is still right, and so is Islam, and other religions as well.

Now imagine if there is one day in the future,
one day where a new paradigm takes place,
one day where every currently existing religions got replaced by a new one,
one day where Catholic, Islam, Protestant, Hindu, Buddha, Jewish, and every each of existing religions turned into something wrong,
one day where our religions turned into ancient myth.

Imagine how human has been living this live for millenniums and there's no option to refuse for the new paradigm has proven the previous ones are wrong.Well yes i know that today's religions are too strong to get replaced by any new one, but it's still something possible and i can give you an example.

What would happen if God himself come down to earth?

What would happen if something beyond our understandings touched down toward us?

What would happen if something really powerful come and claim himself as God?

Can you imagine that? If you still refuse that thing as a possible thing to happen, now let me ask you this

What is God? Have you met him? Have you seen him? Or her? Or whatever God might be?

Now you notice that billions of people for thousands of years have worshiped something we don't really know what it is. Human always afraid of things they don't understand, and now imagine if that one day come, one day where a figure of something with great power beyond what we have always known proclaim himself as God.

Will you still hold on to what you've held this whole time when that moment come?

Will what now is right still right that time?

And this is the worst part from this whole post. What if no one can notice the existence of that something? And what if that thing has actually touched down and had done the proclaiming? Doesn't make any sense right?

But now let me ask you these, what if that something is yourself? What if that something is your mom? What if that something is your cat? What if that something is the air? What if that something is the sun?

What if that something is the topic i've written here?

What if that something is the concept of living modern live?

What if that something is the knowledge?

What if that something is such questions and thoughts we're talking about?

And i think i should stop.

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