25 October 2015

Sesi Suudzon

Halo semua.

Gua punya beberapa pandangan yang mau gua bagi sekarang walaupun sifatnya opini dan gaada kuat2nya.

Jadi gini, gua mau membahas soal isu yang lagi digembor-gemborin media soal bencana kebakaran hutan. Kayanya semua juga udah tau yah kondisinya gimana, dan kebetulan gua punya temen yang tinggal di Riau. Isu kabut asep ini udah sempet meledak juga kan sekitar 1-2 tahun yang lalu iya nggak? Dan waktu itu gua telpon temen gua yang di Riau dan nanya soal keadaan disana.

Ya, emang bener ada kabut asep dan emang keadaannya parah.

Tapi ternyata...

18 October 2015

Nuff Said Bitch

Still hoping that someday wouldn't be about.
A simplest source of light that means a lot.
For many of us have forgotten.
That even the strongest man lives forever not.

No admittance of being in the state of riding emotions.
While shoving conceit as a new solution.
For many of us have forgotten.
That ignorance need no permission.

Knowing too much drives into confusion.
So don't got left in an endless road of illusions.
For many of us have forgotten.
That every answer has its question.

Wandering a life of infinite remedy.
Denial of living on the edge of sanity.
For many of us have forgotten.
That pride is a little less of vanity.

Stop staring at sunlight of a new dawn.
The blister that will not be back drawn.
For many of us have forgotten.
That the widest trunk always started from the ground.

We don't know how much we hate this.
Having too many thoughts instead of fists.
For many of us have forgotten.
That we had insufficient persist.

I do know what i did.
That made everything else looks like a bit.
For i have forgotten.
That regret is a piece of shit.

04 October 2015

Another Nonsense

It's very strange that one day i thought about the quality of relationship. I'm talking about human relationship, the whole of it, not only that lovers shithole stuff. Well before we get into it, let's get our perceptions stand on the same line first.

Quality, funny when you found out that every word doesn't always have the same meaning to everyone. Quality, it's about goodness, it's always about condition, mostly making some sort of rank regarding the condition of something, right? What is the word 'quality' means to you?