14 November 2015

Insatiable Thirst

Just so you know that at some point i had lost the goal of my life. I mean like really, i questioned why the fuck am i here? And i didn't get the answer. Even if i have it now, but it's still a little unacceptable for it seems like life can do much more than what i'm after.

So that one time, my friend asked some questions and i gave my answers, poor answers.
"Why you entered university?" "to get a job"
"What for?" "money"
"For?" "survive"
"What's so bad about death?" "not living?"
"What's the exact thing that we should be afraid of not living?" "probably hell or heaven"
"If they did exist, and if they do not?" "..."

01 November 2015

Long List

Don't read this if you're not that kind of open-minded person. I assure that it will offend you. So close the god damn tab if you were my mom.

Why did God give human intelligence? Why did God want us to worship him? Why did God make hell and heaven? Why did God create human?