29 December 2015

Wonderful Creed of Ours

Well now i'm going to write another sensitive post which of course about Abrahamic Beliefs. But this post will be about Islamic dogma i understood for i had been taught in this specific scope that way for perhaps about more than 10 years. And now i discovered this creed from another point of view and unfortunately found a peculiar uniformity which only led me into a deeper hesitation on religion.

So, this post is about the Bible, seen from the view of Islam. And there might be some Christian who is unable to understand or take this point of view. Please don't get offended, it's just some speculation popping in my head as someone who had been taught Islam and get a little lost on its fundamental theology.

21 December 2015

Irrevocably Stupid

Well i don't fucking know how many exact times i had talked about it to i neither know exactly how many bunches of complex living organisms, i mean the whole complex organisms that live and organisms with specific complex lives and complex organisms that live particular complex lives, whom had conversed upon me regarding the sort of comprehensions or complexities or made-up complexities below.

05 December 2015

Eternal Riddle

We all know that abrahamic religions told us that Adam and Eve ate a forbidden fruit in heaven as the reason of why we are living in this world instead of heaven. Al-Qur'an called that fruit as "Khuldi" and The Bible mentioned that fruit as an apple. No matter what this fruit really is and regarding the physical condition of this thing, some experts have analyzed that this thing probably has a truth behind what it called.