01 February 2016

A Thousand Words

Well i can recently declare that i am the most invisible guy in this world. No one has ever noticed my presence regardless how hard i try, although i always think that i could always win anyone, but no it isn't now. I don't know what hell is wrong with this whole world, and neither with me.

So i suppose this is one of those desperate posts i barely made. It's just, i don't know, i just think no one would ever actually listening which is quite stupid if i keep trying to talk to anybody about this nonetheless i knew that no one would ever listen, and i also not enjoying a conversation of this sort. So, this blog is all i got left, this shit for once again will be turned into a diary of puberty boy.

Pay attention to the contradictions between both paragraphs above, yes my life is that ironic for now. It's just, i'm feeling like i have nowhere to come home to, at all. I just feel like what the hell is going on, everything was fine, but what is it right now? Where's the burning point? Or what? I just don't know what or why, but i just feel like "dude this is not what i live for, no one has ever wanted a life like this one." But i suppose my current position is a more precise phrase, not life.

So, what are we talking about? I think i won't write my problems right here like shit why the fuck would i? Of course i would rather talk about people's problem rather than my own because fuck you my life is not a public consumption. I just don't wanna be naked in front of everybody, wait... i actually want to... but forget it, you all got the metaphor, and fuck don't be so hypocrite about your curiosity on how it feels like to live as our ancestor, which "being naked" is also included.

So, i am wondering about this idiom lately