24 March 2016

Utopia NKRI

Gua baru nyadar kalo ternyata gua belom pernah nulis soal pendidikan, khususnya dunia pendidikan Indonesia, disini secara terperinci. Jadi karena gua kebelet nulis tapi gatau mau nulis apa, ya bahas ini aja deh.

Jadi gini, gua tanya dulu, apakah semua yang lagi baca kalimat ini setuju kalo ada banyak kesalahan dalam dunia pendidikan Indonesia? Terutama dalam sistemnya? Kalo gak semuanya berpikiran begitu, tolong baca sampe selesai. Dan kalo udah baca sampe selesai tapi masih berpikiran sama, coba hubungin gua dan kasih koreksi atas kesalahan interpretasi atau analisa gua yang ditulis di post ini.

16 March 2016

Pestilential Moron

I suggest you to read this 'how to be a quantum mechanics expert in 10 minutes for dummies' by Stephen Hawking first before proceeding, trust me the whole explanation in the following link i will give to you is worth the time you'll spend to read since you can easily understand it, and make you feel like a professor afterward. Just read it.


So this dumbshit who's writing this post has some very simple questions for that article. First, what would be happened to a pair of a particle and an anti particle that separated in not only cosmological space, but also time? Well as it is explained on that article about the black hole, it warps space time. So what's gonna happen to one particle outside the black hole which got left by the anti which either entered or sucked into a black hole that has a gravity so massive it warps space time?

Well i got a little lost here, how do we even find out which one is the anti particle of one particle, especially when one of it is inside the black hole, which is currently impossible to find out since the black hole keeps the whole information from everything which has entered it for it has a gravity too strong that the current speed limit of the universe can't even beat.

I mean like, if the particle stood still, as if how the particles should be, even after it got left by the anti particle into the black hole, how do we even prove that the whole things exist in the present? How do i even know that i'm writing this post? I mean like back to the previous question, how could we even know which particle outside the black hole that has the anti particle inside the black hole? You know that black hole will probably bends more than 10.000 years of time just to approach the inside of it from its outermost gravitational field and yet we don't even know how much will time warps inside it, i don't know if there's one microscopic particle, since of course the scope of quantum mechanics is the microscopic particles, that will last more than 10.000 years just to wait for the movement of the anti.

And what would happened to the anti particle that is either on its way to the black hole or inside, while the particle outside the black hole, is moving.


Guess i'll stop before i get looked too fool, answer anyone?

So this is the point where i think i can guarantee that i will be standing on the same line as Albert Einstein had stood until the day i die, God does not play dice with the universe, since i think that no one knows what God is, even Hawking, even perhaps God himself. God might be me, or you, or anybody else, or science, or gravity, or the particles, or physics, or anything else, or everything.

But i also have one new notion that even contradicts Einstein's,

"Fuck you God for making me love Physics, and yet can't stand numbers."

So i guess i'll be waiting for them all scientist fuckers to make some new steps while whining about their own discovery of science, and definitely stick with the Google and newspaper.

02 March 2016

A Thousand Pictures

Okay this post is correlated with the very previous one. Don't bother to read the previous, and also don't bother to read this one too. I somehow just want to write yet i don't really know why. So as usual, this post will be containing those shitty quality assumptions and hypotheses i built in my damn head. So once again, don't bother to read it like really, i'm not even sure if i have conveyed anything the right way, i mean i'm not even sure that those who read actually comprehend what i wrote, since i don't even understand it myself.

So i better cut the bullshit and continue the previous post.