20 April 2016

His Affront

These thoughts ran through my head this afternoon and i think i'll write them out although they're not that factual and a bit conjectural since almost every sciences i'm going to write themselves are still hypotheses and data predictions. And i'm pretty sure that at least one person will deem i'm that stupid to write something i don't know a shit about. Well, i don't care about that, i'm in the process of learning, and everyone knows mistakes often take place in this process.

So i was reading one of my old post with a blurry closing. At first i wanted people to have their own interpretation upon what i wrote in that post, and now i can't stand to explicitly explain what i wrote in that post. Dang it's that hard to be Kubrick. So, it's up to you whether to read the old post or not http://deniahmadghifari.blogspot.co.id/2015/09/paradigm-shift.html

05 April 2016

Debacle Orienting

NOOOWWW i'm going to write about something rather actual, in Indonesia. A topic which is of course, as always, at least a decade behind the first world countries.

So, i'm gonna write about sexual orientations, specifically Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, but more to the existence rather than the explanations. Well this orientation thing is always debatable since we couldn't yet answer the major question, which is "Is it nature or is it nurture?" and i did some discussions with the pros and cons, and yes i have my own untested assumptions regarding this topic.

Before we proceed, i'll tell you the most recent condition about LGBT, of individuals, of movements, and the most important thing, of majority's perspective, in Indonesia.