20 April 2016

His Affront

These thoughts ran through my head this afternoon and i think i'll write them out although they're not that factual and a bit conjectural since almost every sciences i'm going to write themselves are still hypotheses and data predictions. And i'm pretty sure that at least one person will deem i'm that stupid to write something i don't know a shit about. Well, i don't care about that, i'm in the process of learning, and everyone knows mistakes often take place in this process.

So i was reading one of my old post with a blurry closing. At first i wanted people to have their own interpretation upon what i wrote in that post, and now i can't stand to explicitly explain what i wrote in that post. Dang it's that hard to be Kubrick. So, it's up to you whether to read the old post or not http://deniahmadghifari.blogspot.co.id/2015/09/paradigm-shift.html

In fact, my thoughts that time wasn't as elaborate as what i have for now since now i've read the right novels, the right books, articles, and i watched the right movies.

There's one line in a movie titled Life of Pi that keep humming in my head once i heard it.

"Science has explained much more things in a century than what religions are able to in 10.000 years"

Well i guess that's not the precisely exact sayings as in the movie, but that's the point of that very line.

And what we've been asking about, what we've been wanted to be explained, is mostly concerning the truth, of everything. And let's get this truth narrower for this post, it'll be about God since i want to explain the blurry end of my old post regarding the presence of something that proclaim itself as God.

So as what i said above, it's clear enough to find out that the strongest thing which i said will come and the one thing that is the most likely one to replace our faith is science. Because when we're talking about God and its matter, which is currently still a great mystery, we actually have had the ticket to it for decades. The only problem is, we haven't had enough credit to buy it. And guess what, the ticket is one of natural science scope.

So, what i concluded, our ticket to understand God or probably be god is Quantum Mechanics, but we have not yet understand it for now. We're simply still too poor to be god. Yes i'm gonna say that we'll all be god if we could understand quantum mechanics because the major questions that made us all human are the presence and the future. I mean like, imagine if we all could discover every second of our future, isn't that made living unnecessary? That's why i said we'll all be god, at least in spacetime dimensions.

And by understanding the subatomic world, it might open a door for our being to evolve. Like imagine of us all transforming into a pure energy being, we'll all be eternal since we're not tethered into space and time. And it'll be unnecessary to reproduce since we're immortal.

Aren't creeds taught us that God is an immortal being of His own? He wasn't born and nor breed? Well quantum mechanics will explain a lot of creeds.

I also want to talk about a little intermezzo about Hinduism philosophy of afterlife. So, in Hindu, people will get either ascending or descending reincarnation in castes system, which depend on what they've done in their previous life. And in the case where one has reached the top of the caste, and they do good for that life, the soul of one's will be gathered into the matter of God when they die. Where in this philosophy, God is almost everything except any other living beings. It's a little coherent with my comprehension and imagination about human being a pure energy kin.

So, the mystery of quantum mechanics won't only answer our questions regarding the future, it will reveal the truth as well. And in this case, which religion is the right one, or whether there is ONE or MORE true religion(s), or NONE at all.

Now this is the cost of being god, quite simple, yet still impossible to do. All we need to be god is to understand gravity.

The key to understand quantum mechanics is gravity since we'll all already be god if spacetime warps doesn't exist. And one more mystery about gravity is that it's the only thing known which applied literally anywhere, even to the quantum world, the subatomic dimensions where space and time don't even exist.

This is a little creed from my born religion, Islam. I was told that God, or Allah, is a being, that lives somewhere in the 7th sky. And i can hardly understand that one for now. Well no one knows exactly where this 7th sky is, yet since we can't still find a super being anywhere around our solar system, then it must be an impossible thing for God to know everything especially the most updated since it might take the next hours or days or months or years or centuries or millenniums, for him to find out that i'm writing this very sentence if He lives in the same dimensions since there's nothing could travel faster than light in spacetime dimensions.

Well there's something travel much faster than light which is the mysterious signal between a particle and an antiparticle, and it's still the question of quantum mechanics, it's dealing not merely with spacetime since it's impossible.

Yet it's still possible that God is a being that lives in the same dimensions as ours, yet perhaps He has one or more alternative dimensions. The most likely explanation regarding where God is if he does have the same dimensions as ours will be the dark matter and dark energy, the mysterious void that represents more than 95% masses of the observable universe which exist in space that prevent things to drift away from each other beside gravity. But once again, it's still an unproved hypotheses since we don't know anything to detect or observe it yet we still know it does exist. Shorter, we don't know the mechanisms of this dark matter and dark energy, but i still think that this is the most likely explanation about God if he does live in spacetime dimensions since we haven't known the mechanisms of it and no one knows if this void might have a physical matter if we add probably one or more dimension(s) into our sight. And once again, when it's dealing with dimensions, we need to understand quantum mechanics first, and in order to understand quantum mechanics, we need to understand gravity.

Now let's move to reality.

It's impossible for us to entirely understand God matter, if what i wrote here is true, since it's a certain thing that mankind will extinct before we even understand gravity.

Why? Because it'll take thousands or likely millions or billions of years to understand it.

How? The secret of gravity, which is the key to understand quantum mechanics itself, placed inside the black hole, the greatest and strongest citadel of the greatest secret of the universe.

How do i know it'll take that long for us to understand gravity? Because the closest black hole currently known to us is 1600 light years away, which means it'll take at least 50,457,600,000 years for the current speed limit of the universe, which is light, to reach its outer field, we don't know how much time will warp in the event horizon (the gravitational field of black hole core), we don't know how much time will bend in singularity (the black hole itself) and yet we don't know how many times it takes for our being to have the technology that travels as fast as light, it'll take much more time if our technology don't travel as fast, and yet light itself can't even beat the gravity of the black hole. So we need to find the technology that travel much faster than light and can beat the gravitational singularity.

Our species won't last that long since it takes only few centuries for the earth to be inhabitable for any form of living. In fact it'll take much less centuries for the earth temperature to increase, which will eventually kill any source of human food, which will cause an extreme starvation and most likely wars. And i haven't mentioned about the overpopulation problem which will cause human extinction much faster. If we don't stop the progress of growing population, there will be one point where we don't have enough time and perhaps land for food producing since the needs and the recovery is extremely imbalance and 90% of human species will extinct at that moment.

It's impossible for our being to evolve into a pure energy being at that point since every research will be halted because the 10% rest will concentrate at surviving, not evolving. And human will eventually extinct with everything they have.

Only the strongest being could survive and likely evolve in such a condition where the environment is as bad, and in this case it'll be microscopic species. The earth will sunder its old memory and walk into its fate. But nature will always find a way to cure itself.

It'll only applied in the case where human is still unable to find the technology to survive before this thing happened, and the only solution is finding a new home to sustain lives.

Mars, or the young earth, might be the next habitable planet. It's possible for us to live in Mars, yet remember, we only have centuries before we go extinct. We can't wait that long for Mars to turn itself into a habitable planet, we need to move there and make it so as soon as possible. But as you can tell for now, no technology can sustain human body without exception to stay in zero gravity for longer than 8 months, some might stand as long but average human won't. While it takes 6 months until a year for our space vessel to travel toward mars with the advancements of both Earth's and Mars' closest alignment of each revolution. So it'll be a suicide mission for the astronauts who'll bring Mars to life.

Since any attempt for us to survive and to evolve seem too impossible for our current state, that's why we're still striving for temporary survival like foods, environments, politics, economy, and several other shit i don't need to mention.

By drowning in those things, we're just distracting ourselves from a certainly coming extinction.

We already surrender before we even try since we know what would happen.

We won't ever be turned into a being of God.

And God is laughing right now.

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