26 June 2016

Voting Flaws #1

Been thinking about the voting system and its flaws.

So of course these thoughts came from Brexit referendum a couple days ago and i think the flaws of voting system are placed in the pre event.

Well here are some questions regarding the condition of pre voting, don't we need to know the capacity of the individuals who are going to take the vote? Don't we need to make sure that everyone is seeing the case through the same scope of analysis? Don't we need to make sure that naivety won't win for everything about it will lead into consequences?

I think the explanations below are the flaws about voting system, but yeah i never know whether or not my opinions are correct but i just badly wanted to write a post:( so, i'm sorry if i made some mistakes, and please i'm a really open person for correction.

Let's take some real implementations about voting, i will take 2 common examples since they are the most common thing where voting mostly takes place, referendum and election.

Well i'm actually gonna take this whole shit toward Indonesia with its happening events and everything, so i'm sorry if you got disappointed for you thought that i'm gonna write about Brexit, i'll tell you that Brexit is only a trigger. Sorry:(

Now, i never know if Indonesia has ever done any referendum, so i think election is the first thing i'll write about since both things are essentially the same, to pick or to make a decision through manhood suffrage.

So, Indonesia has numerous amount of political parties. Well i'm not gonna judge whether a party is good or not, but i'm gonna say that having a lot of parties inside a country is one super messed up condition any country could ever stumble into. Shall i split this into 2 paragraphs? I guess so.

Now what's the function of political party? I never actually know the function and at this point i'm too lazy to do research since i think what i'm having in my head is absolutely one of the function of party and this one function is all i needed. So, i guess the simple conception of creating a party is to accomodate the aspirations of a group that is built above the foundation of uniformed perspectives. Political party in this regard, is a more dynamic 'nation' inside a nation for the national ideology and constitution are rather too static and too general. So party is the elaboration of national ideology and constitution as the manifestation of running a democratic nation.

NOW, as the consequences of the elaboration and dynamism, party will have its own ideology that was born and accustomed between the margin of the national ideology and constitution, WHICH will imply that every party has its own conception about how to run a government and how a nation should and could be, shorter, every party has its own goals.

The conclusion above will roughly indicate that every party is competing against each other.

Well, friction is a good thing as long as it lead into solution and introspection. It is good when it's not a mere relentless game of winning an ego.

So this is the main value of running a government that many politicians or political parties often forget for idealism tends to lose when it comes to money and prosperity. I'm very glad to notice this very thing from the incumbent governor of Jakarta, Ahok. Ahok stated that "our loyalty should be pointed toward our country, not our party" WELL THIS DUDE HAS A MARVELOUS STAND POINT. The objectivity, the main aspiration of, i'm quite sure, every single individual in this world, is to fulfill the needs and the good for everyone. So the general goals of every party should be the better nation, then it's up to a party to chase for the prosperous self or applying the party's ideology as a single perspective for the whole society if a party had accomplished a better nation, not the otherwise.

Well this is the god damn problem of Indonesia.

Let me ask you rationally, which one will take longer, a competition of 2 competitors or 20?

When will a country reach a better state when the competition lasts like forever? And even worse, every losing party tends to withstand their own ideology and goals then forgetting the main value of running a government, WHEN? WHEN CAN WE BE A BETTER NATION IF THIS SHITHOLE STILL APPLIES THIS ENDLESS COMPETITION SYSTEM?

The concept of a country having political parties is good, but it turns super retarded when a country has (i never know exactly how many are there in Indonesia) many parties.

So, i think the solution will be the friction itself, what about making less frictions? What about narrowing down the parties? What about making parties' ideologies more general?

WELL I KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING IS TOO IMPOSSIBLE, for i've mentioned above that party's ideology should be fit in between the margin of national ideology and constitution. And too bad our national ideology itself is already too complex for an ideology, and it needs another post to explain it. To make it shorter, the basis, the main values of our national ideology is the combination of democracy, fundamentalism, nationalism, socialism, and liberalism. Sounds super fucked up and naively pompous ain't it?

I think it's enough about the explanation of party and its system, now we'll go back to the flaws of voting system.

For what i've mentioned above, it's clear enough that every party has its own vision and mission isn't it? Now when it's dealing with election or referendum, how could we know anything about it? Obviously campaign.

Now back to the three question.

Don't we need to know the capacity of the individuals who are going to take the vote?
Don't we need to make sure that everyone is seeing the case through the same scope of analysis?
Don't we need to make sure that naivety won't win for everything about it will lead into consequences?

Now i only need to add one more question to clear everything up.

How could we answer all of those 3 questions, when there are parties, which are having their OWN goals and objectives, doing CAMPAIGNS regarding the voting?

And the frame i have in my head about a new system will be explained in the next post, but for now

fuck this shit.

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