27 December 2016

either black or blue

What if i told you that i started to see unusual things

I don't know whether people could also, but of course it's new for me

And it's frightening

I started to see many things depicted in physical forms, when back then i couldn't even, and i've been asking how and why as well

And yes, it's fucking frightening

They're flying, layers after layers, pieces after pieces

They're all flying, some just suddenly gone mid air, some take few moments to disappear

But they're all flying

They all came out of every person, every single living person, even the ones who had lost their sanity

But no, none of them came out of any graveyard

I'm seeing a dozen right now, of which 3 came out of my mom from several days ago and yesterday, and the rests came out of me in a span of only less than a week

They all came out mostly after every truth

Normally one at a time

Yet in some cases multiples of them might burst simultaneously

They're all fading, although perhaps some took quite long, and i've seen many that hasn't been started to fade ever since i spotted them

But i concluded that every single piece of them will eventually fade no matter how long it took, and i'm certain about it

They will all fade

One by one

Until there's nothing left

i see hopes in the colors of black

and blue

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