Deni Ahmad Ghifari
Place and Date of Birth: Jakarta 27 February 1997
Current Address: Your ass


Family: No need to tell y'all fuckers 'bout my family.

Don't really know what's wrong with my brain. Either i stumbled and crashed my head against rock when i was a kid or i do have a problem with my motor system. I don't know what motor system is, apparently sort of a system about motor, i don't know, but that sounds cool. Like fuck don't complain it's my blog, go have your own and complain on your own too.

I love food more than i love myself.

And i have never ever deeply in love with anything else but myself. I would fuck the mirror for it always looks too fucking hot.

Now you can imagine what would i do whenever i met a fried chicken or any other food.

People said that i was handsome.